Why You Should Get a Shelter Dog

When you are looking to get a dog as a pet and companion for you and your family, there are many places you can look. There are puppy farms, pet stores, someone you know who may have just had some puppies, and many other places. However, while you can find a dog here, you should consider a shelter or adoption agency when looking for your next pet.

Unlike what you may hear, a shelter dog can be a better companion for you and your family. Shelter dogs are loving, affectionate, and are in need of a good home. They are screened for the most part, and are given a thorough check up. In many cases, they have been spayed or neutered so you don’t have to worry about having more dogs than you need. Because of their background, whether abandoned, or abused, they are going to be a little fearful at first, but when they realize that they are in a loving environment, one where they will be well taken care of, they will be even more eager to please you.

You may think that there was a reason for a dog winding up at a shelter, but not for the reason you might think. There are people who think a dog winds up in a shelter because they were mean, or bit the person who owned them before, but this is not the case. Only a small percentage of animals brought to dog pounds and animal shelters because of these reasons. There are a number of other things that bring these poor animals to shelters, none of which are their fault.

Some people just should not own a pet. They are abusive in general, and commonly take it out an a creature who can’t defend itself, like a dog, or cat, or other animal. Then there are people that simply abandon their pets, whether they move and can’t have a pet at their next dwelling, and they either bring the animal in, or simply leave it when they leave. In some cases, their previous owner may have died, and they come into the shelter because the simply have no where else to go. Most are rescued from being abandoned, or abused, and have done nothing wrong at all.

You have many different choices when it come to a shelter pet, just as many as with buying, or picking one up from somewhere else. You can find puppies, and fully grown dogs, who have already been house trained. You can find a shelter or adoption agency in your area, and you can contact the Humane Society for the ones that are closest to you. There are many different pet adoption agencies available, and can hook you up with a dog that needs a good home. In many cases, these agencies carefully screen adoptive owner’s, so there is little to no risk of the animal coming back to them, or being abandoned somewhere else.

So if you want a good loving pet for you and your family, choose a shelter dog first before you look somewhere else. They will greatly appreciate your love and attentions just as much as getting a dog from more expensive places.